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Goodbye Deremy 2.0…hello Shrewsbury EdTech blog!

Welcome to the new and improved Ed Tech blog for Shrewsbury educators! Over the last few years, Derek and I have maintained the Deremy 2.0 blog using Blogger. While it’s been a good blogging platform for us, WordPress is easier to use and has more features, plus we were itching for a change. So, we’re back with more tech tips but the blog has a new look, new name, and new address!

Our new blog is titled “Shrewsbury EdTech” and can be found at We decided to broaden our audience. Since the high school is one year away from getting iPads, we thought it made sense to include them as well.

What does this mean for you?

  • All of our old tech tips are still there. They can be found on our old blog, but I’ve also imported them into WordPress.
  • We want this blog to be a collaborative effort. There are some great teaching practices being done at Sherwood and Oak that others could benefit from. Please consider writing for this blog and sharing your ideas! You can send us a writeup that we could post on your behalf, or you can request to be an author on this blog. I would personally like to see some others (teacher/aide/administrator/etc.) join us. Please think about it.
  • Derek and I are once again the TTL’s (teacher technology leaders) for Oak Middle School (at least we think we are). Whether we are or not, we are both willing to help you out with any ed tech needs you have. Just send us an email!

Tips for new teachers

I’ve gone through the Tech Tip archives and have curated a list of Top 10 Tech Tips that new teachers may benefit from. These are all oldies but goodies. New tips will be coming out shortly…

  1. 8 iPad tips and tricks everyone should know
  2. An easy way to webcast (creating screencasts using Screencast-o-matic)
  3. Check homework on your iPad (The PowerTeacher app now also lets you take attendance.)
  4. Scan a document on the school copy machines
  5. Finding great apps for your iPad without spending a lot of time or money
  6. Looking for an easy way to collect digital work? (This is an overview of Derek’s “assessment collector”.)
  7. Google Drive on the iPad: the app vs the browser
  8. Finding open educational resources (OER)
  9. Socrative and Wordle on day 1 – getting to know your students
  10. Finding my “teacher voice” on social media