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Global Day of Design and Pi Day Maker Faire

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The “Hour of Code” encouraged teachers around the world to introduce their students to computer coding for one hour. It was a huge success with over 200 million people participating worldwide. Just like how the Hour of Code opened millions of eyes to computer programming, John Spencer and A.J. Juliani hope their Global Day of Design will do the same for design thinking.

The first Global Day of Design will be held on April 26th. It’s a one day event that focuses on using the Design Thinking process in schools. Their goal is to inspire students to create, make, and build. A new design challenge will be released each week leading up to this event on the Global Day of Design website. Teachers can choose from one of these design challenges to use with their students on this day. Design challenges range from 45 minutes up to 5 hours long.

Register on their website and receive a FREE Design Thinking toolkit!! 

Pi Day Maker Faire

If this event sounds interesting, you might also like to attend the Pi Day Maker Faire at Shrewsbury Library! It takes place on Pi Day (Saturday, March 12th) from 10am – 3pm. Read more about this really cool event.


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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