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Overdue Assignments in Schoology

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(Thank you Brian L’Heureux for this great tip!)
As a follow-up to what Derek mentions about posting assignments in Schoology, one important consideration regarding posting assignments is the “overdue” status for an assignment. Students and parents automatically see a list of all overdue assignments in Schoology. In addition, parents can sign up to receive notifications when items are overdue.
Schoology automatically considers an assignment “overdue” if the due date for an assignment has passed and no submission has been made in Schoology. As you can imagine, this may cause problems for assignments that are handed in in person or on paper.
The good news is that there is a way to tell Schoology that the assignment is going to be handed in outside of Schoology. This gives you the benefit of having the assignment show in the student’s “upcoming assignments” view, on the calendar, and in the workload planning tool, without having to have it show as overdue if nothing is submitted.
To set up a non-Schoology assignment, on the assignment creation screen, click on the dropbox-like icon on the bottom of the screen to gray it out so that if you hover over the icon, it says “Submissions Disabled” (see attached screenshots) To clean up the “overdue assignments” list for your parents and students, you may wish to revisit past assignments that were handed in outside of Schoology.

Author: Mr. Mularella

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