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SMS Techtip: Another team use for Google Forms

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A couple weeks back, we told you about streamlining the corridor pass / signout process through the use of a Google Form which students save to their IPad homescreen.  This gave us a neat, easy to access record of where our students went, and when.

Now we’re applying the same process to our extra help sign-ins — this has a few benefits:

  • First, rather than sending around a sign-in sheet, each student who attends any session on team simply fills out the quick survey.
  • Next, we have a record of why the student is there – if there are a number of students, we can see patterns in why they have come for help, and adjust our teaching / reteaching when we see common threads.
  • Also, by having all the team help sessions in one sheet, we can see who is staying where and when, which allows us to focus on students who are staying for multiple teachers on multiple days, as well as those who say they are staying with each of us, but may not actually make it to a session.
  • Then, when we have a parent communication or meeting, we can quickly see if and when the child has come in for help, and use this to help guide part of the discussion.

Here is a screen shot of the survey the kids fill out:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.02.06 AM

Per usual, send ideas and questions our way!

Derek & Jeremy


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