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Student Notifications in Schoology

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If you haven’t had students look at their notification settings in Schoology yet, it’s definitely worth doing at some point. The image below is a screen shot from one of our students. As you can see, there are two types of notifications: Email and Mobile. Email notifications obviously send the student an email while the mobile notifications appear on their iPad. In Schoology, there are course, group, school, and personal notifications. We focused on just the course and group settings.

We decided to have all students enable notifications for three different actions:

  1. Course update posted
  2. Course materials overdue
  3. Group update posted

Most students were already receiving a notification when a new course or group update was posted. However, none of them received an alert when coursework was overdue, and we felt this was an extremely useful thing to add. Now, as soon as a student misses a deadline for an assignment, they will receive an alert reminding them to submit! As you can see above, we left all other notifications up to the students.

In order for students to receive these notifications though, they must also be check their iPad’s settings. The screen shot below shows where to find the notifications in the Settings menu.

“Allow Notifications” must be turned on. We also had them enable “Badge App Icon” and “Show on Lock Screen”. This will ensure students know how many notifications await them. It’s up to you what type of “alert style” you want students to use. I prefer “Banners” because they are not as obtrusive as “Alerts”. All notifications can be viewed in their Notification Center as well, which is accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen.


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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