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Any.Do is Now Available On Your iPad!

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Two years ago, I wrote a post explaining why Any.Do was my favorite task manager app. If you’re not familiar with task managers, they’re those “to-do” list apps that help you stay organized and remember what needs to get done. There are plenty of these apps out there. AppAdvice wrote this blog listing the best 5 iPhone and iPad task and to-do list apps. Two other popular options not mentioned in their list are Reminders and Google Keep.

I’ve tried a few different apps over the last two years but always find myself going back to Any.Do. (Read my earlier blog post to learn why I love it so much.) The only drawback to it at the time was a lack of support for iPads. Today, that’s no longer the case. Any.Do is now a universal app that works just as well on iPads as it does on iPhones!

Read their official announcement here.

My favorite feature of this app is the ability to sort tasks by category. My app currently has four categories: “school”, “groceries”, “personal”, and “tech stuff”. I also had a “travel” folder over the summer so I could keep track of hotels and flights I still needed to book.

If you have never tried using one of these apps, now’s a great time to give it a shot. Since the app now works on iPads, I’m sure many of your students would find this helpful as well!


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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