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Split-screen on an IPad!

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One of the big limitations of the IPad is that it doesn’t multitask — students need to swipe back and forth between different tasks, while – on a computer – you can have multiple windows open.

While there are rumors that iOS 9 will take care of this with true multitasking, there’s at least a partial solution you can use now.  Check out “Side by Side with Dropbox support”: this handy app is its own web browser, and it allows you to have two browser windows, side by side — as the name rather cleverly implies.IMG_0013

As you can see, there are two windows — you can resize them, zoom in, edit web-based documents… do whatever you need to do in the two windows.

While this only works with web pages, it has some real potential for classroom use:  students can have a video in one window, and be taking notes in the other, or conduct research in one window, based on a website / article in the other one.

Give it a shot — at least it’s something, until that mythic iOS 9 is released!

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Derek & Jeremy


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