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Shrewsbury Teachers Go To EdCamp Grafton

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Sixteen educators from Sherwood and Oak attended the local EdCamp today at nearby Grafton High School. It was a great day of professional development and collaboration.

A few of today’s highlights:

  • Elin Dolen and Kate Dowd presented on Schoology to a packed classroom.
  • Kelly Lawlor presented on Google Classroom to an even more packed classroom (standing room only) .
  • Steve Winters won a Mac license of the Camtasia software, the premiere screencasting software used for “flipping” your classroom.
  • Sarah Powers won a t-shirt.
  • Litza Rivera and Susana Pierce each won a gold account to Nearpod.

(Kate’s name was also called to win a prize, but they accidentally gave her prize to someone else. A gentleman in the audience gave her his EdCamp shirt as a consolation prize.)


The Oak and Sherwood crews (a few teachers are missing from the photo)


Kelly’s presentation on Google Classroom


Steve with his new Camtasia software!!

Couldn’t attend today? No worries!!

Even if you couldn’t make it to Grafton High School today, you can still benefit!

Option #1: Live Schedule

You can visit the online schedule of today’s conference in this Google spreadsheet. Each session has a “notes” link below it, which will bring you to the Google Doc notes for that session. This may include notes from the presenter and/or collaborative notes from teachers in that session. In a few of the sessions I attended, there were many teachers adding notes to that session’s document.

Option #2: Twitter Hashtag

The official hash tag for today’s event was #edcampgrafton. This hashtag was used on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. If you are a Twitter user, you can search for this hashtag to read what teachers at the event were posting.

Option 3: EdCamp Boston

Even if you missed this EdCamp, there is another one coming up in Boston on Saturday, May 30th. That event will be much larger and offer even more sessions. Tickets (which are always free) become available at 8 PM on Tuesday, April 21st. This is a huge event, and tickets are limited. Last year, they “sold out” in less than a day.

Thank you again to Andy Marcinek, C.L. Engvall, and the rest of the Grafton staff and students for hosting such a great event!


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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