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Tech Showcase Summary

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Here is a sampling of resources from the recent Tech Showcase at Sherwood…

Creating Websites to Improve Student Engagement – Kate Lewis

This Google folder has all of the resources you help your students start designing websites.

Book Creator tips – Jessi Walsh

Using Explain Everything in Academic Support – Meghan De Leon

Instagram in the Classroom – Allen Beer

The link above is Allen’s Oak Middle School Engineering Instagram feed. This is how he shares Tech Ed experiences with students and parents. His account is private, so you will need to send him a “follow request” in order to see the photos. If you’re looking for other ideas for using Instagram in class, here is a copy of my science scavenger hunt. Students will be using Instagram tomorrow to document various chemistry examples (mixtures, physical changes, etc.)

Google Classroom and Goobrics/Doctopus – Derek PIzzuto and Kelly Lawlor

This is the link to the earlier blog post that Derek and Kelly wrote on this topic.

Using Class Badges to Gamify School

This is the link to my prior blog post. (I also talked about different ways to introduce gaming in class. I plan on writing a separate blog post in a few days that includes this information in addition to my experiences doing the Hour of Code with my students.) Two tidbits I will add now though…

1. Matt Amdur informed me that Schoology has its own badge allocation system. I am not a Schoology user (though I really want to learn), but it sounds like a pretty cool feature to me.

2. ClassCraft is a website that uses a video game in lieu of badges to reward student achievement. I’ve never used it myself. One user says, “Classcraft is like ClassDojo meets World of Warcraft.”


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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