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Shrewsbury Educators Twitter List

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Teachers who use Twitter know that it can be a great resource to find/share ideas with fellow educators. There are so many teachers in Shrewsbury, but we just don’t have the time or space to collaborate. This is especially true about your peers who teach in other buildings. I am hoping Twitter can start to bridge that gap. I am in the process of creating a “Shrewsbury Educators” Twitter list. It will be a list of all Twitter users in the district. It shows the tweets and retweets for all members on that list. Our list currently has twelve members, which is very low considering the number of teachers in district. You can see the actual Twitter List here. 

Why set up a Twitter List? 

  1. Get to know others in Shrewsbury! I am reminded each year on the first day of school how few teachers I know outside of my building. Twitter helps to extend that social network. You can make connections and start “following” others in town.
  2. Collaborate with peers in your own district! Even though I’m a middle school teacher, I know I have things to offer/learn from elementary and high school teachers.

Who should join this Twitter List? 

  1. Anyone with a Twitter account! Even if you created an account in July but haven’t logged in since, you are still encouraged to join the list.
  2. All types of educators can be added to the list! This includes teachers, aides, and administrators. Also, if you have a class or department Twitter account, that can be added as well….any account that could benefit and/or can learn from others.
  3. Your account must be public and include education-related information. In other words, if you have a private account, others will not be able to communicate with you. Also, if you have a personal account where you just discuss how much you love the Patriots, it’s probably not a good fit for this list…and that’s not just because I’m a Steelers fan! That doesn’t mean all tweets must relate to education, but it should be at least 50%.

How do you join this list? 

There are three options!

  1. Send me an email with your Twitter handle, and I’ll add you.
  2. Send me a direct message (@mrmularella) on Twitter, and I’ll add you.
  3. Send a tweet to me at @mrmularella and ask to be added to the list…and I’ll add you.

Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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