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Virtual Field Trips!

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Looking to get your classroom beyond its walls, without filling out all the paperwork, renting buses, and sending home permission forms?  Take a virtual field trip.  On a virtual field trip, students can explore different locations and times, using the internet as the guide.  Many of these are what used to be called Webquests – where students are given a set of tasks to complete as they move through a virtual environment – with images, video, 3d renderings… 

Explore an ancient Roman villa…

…Or sit through the first Thanksgiving…

You can apply these to virtually any subject, all it takes is a bit of hunting to find something relevant – you can see some decent tours here.  

Or, better yet, build your own.  In fact, we have the opportunity for people to take a graduate level course in designing virtual tours, courtesy of Hudson Public Schools.  This class will involve a three-hour session on April 24, and then six online sessions between then and June 5.  You get 67.5 PDPs for 250 bucks, or 3 grad credits from Fitchburg for a fee.  Interested?  You can view the flyer here:


Author: Mr. Mularella

Middle school science teacher/world traveler

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